Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mayor Bill Foster's Showdown at the Trop

Mayor Bill Foster is finally going to go meet Stu Sternberg at the trop later this month to have a discussion about the future of the Rays in St. Petersburg according to a posting on WTSP reporter Noah Pransky's shadowofthestadium blog.

Foster had promised that he would try to set a meeting "after the world series", we just didn't think it would be this far past the world series. Maybe our "Minor League Mayor" just wanted some cooling off time after his little spat with county commissioner Latvala about his feeling that the Rays were not marketing in the community enough.

I'm sure the meeting will be behind closed doors, and Mayor Foster will say the meeting "went well", but in the end it will accomplish nothing. Unless of course Mayor Foster whips out his "secret plan" and solves everything.

UPDATE: The meeting will be on January 17th at Tropicana field. Here is additional coverage from the St. Petersburg Tampa Bay Times and from

UPDATE 2: Here is more from Stu's side of things

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