Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Big Brother" Foster's First Surveillance Program: Worthless

Back in 2009, Mayor Bill Foster started to make good on his campaign promise to add surveillance cameras around the city of St. Petersburg. The pilot program consisted of 10 cameras and uplinks and cost the city over $10,000. Now 2 years later it comes out that the cameras have not helped in the investigation of a single crime in the city, and Foster even admits that nobody is even watching the cameras. Of course Mayor Foster is not deterred by the total failure of the pilot program, he now wants to spend even more money to put cameras all across the city in his quest to become "Big Brother" of St Petersburg and be able to keep tabs on everyone in the city at all times.

We have covered this topic previously.

UPDATE: Doc Webb has posted his point of view on this subject over on saintpetersblog, since he was personally involved in these cameras it makes for a very interesting read.

UPDATE 2: Saintpetersblog reports that Councilman Karl Nurse wants the Mayor to come up with a plan in regards to these cameras. Also, another update from Doc Webb on the patch.

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