Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mayor Bill Foster Skips Easy Opportunity to Lobby for St Pete

In a posting on StPetersBlog, Peter Schorsch details his experience at the St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Council on Monday, where Mayor Bill Foster was there to make a presentation about redistricting. Apparently, right after his presentation Foster skipped talking to the legislators, policy makers and influential business leaders that were in attendance and went right to go talk to Mr. Schorsch. Now don't get me wrong, Peter is a nice guy, but this wasn't a social mixer that the Mayor was at, he was trying to affect policy, and he missed his chance to talk to all of the people there that could actually do something about it.

This is even more surprising(or damaging) when you consider that the Mayor did away with the city's full time lobbyist last year in favor of a "shared lobbyist" who also lobbys for other cities in Florida as well as St Petersburg. So now not only is the city getting less face time up in Tallahassee, but the easy face time right here in town with legislators and power brokers is being ignored by Foster too. I guess this is just another stumble for our soon-to-be one-term Mayor Bill Foster.

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