Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Mayor Bill Foster Scared of His Own Staff?

On the heals of another city staff scandal(this one from before Bill Foster was Mayor), more insight into how Mayor Bill Foster is as a boss, saying that he doesn't want to "second-guess the previous administration" because "I need to have the confidence in my staff.". So let me get this straight, you need to have confidence in your staff that ripped off the city to the tune of over $200,000? Money that we taxpayers have to make up by the way. And the way that you show your confidence in these staff members is to not question them or even seek to conduct a thorough investigation into what happened exactly?

So is Mayor Bill Foster shooting for the title of "Easiest Pushover Boss" or something? It seems so, just take a look back at the recent scandals within the city's real estate department where a member of that department was found to be lying in his testimony to the City Council, and the mis-appraisal of a house to be purchased by the city and misinformation about it given to the city council. In Mayor Bill Foster's own words "I cannot help but conclude that this omission was an intentional act," and "It's against the way I do business", yet he has not disciplined anyone involved for either incident. So, what this tells the people that work for him is, "go ahead and lie, cheat and steal from the city, nothing will happen, I need to have confidence in you."

I have the utmost respect for most of the city staff members, but by not punishing or throwing out the bad apples, it makes the whole city look bad. And on that subject, here's a short book that the Mayor should make some time to read.

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