Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Tampa Bay Times' About-Face on Mayor Bill Foster

You saw that right, I am no longer calling them the St Petersburg Tampa Bay Times. After re-reading their anti-Foster editorial as well as this very enlightening piece from SaintPetersBlog, I have a new-found respect for the Times and how they are willing to change their minds about supporting Mayor Bill Foster, and as such I will stop my small protest of putting their old name in strike-through when I cite them here on Bill Foster Watch(even though I am still disappointed with the name change). But enough about that, on to the subject at hand.

It seems that the Tampa Bay Times has admitted that they made a mistake when they endorsed Bill Foster for Mayor 3 years ago, and the editorial linked to above is a pretty strong turn around, which is a much bigger story than the editorial itself. They do a good job of pointing out most of Foster's stumbles, but they missed quite a few as well. Might we suggest they read our entire blog to get some ideas for future editorial content?

We hope that in the end this wasn't a one-off from the Times, but that they have truly come over to our side of the fence and realized that Bill Foster is an incompetent Mayor, and that he does not deserve a second term, since he has proven his inability to lead, which has harmed our city while he stumbles through trying to learn how to be Mayor.

Now all we need is a strong candidate to run against him next year, maybe we can talk Rick Baker into running for Mayor again?

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